different software tests represented by woman surrounded by hanging light bulbs

When to Use Different Software Tests

There are many different types of software tests. We know that various software tests are essential to any quality software product. But when do you use which test? To clarify, we’ll break down the purpose of different software tests and when to use them.

Load/Performance Testing

Load and performance testing ensures a product performs efficiently even at scale. Some of the questions load and performance testers ask themselves include:

  • Does the software use too many resources?
  • Do resources result in slower performance?
  • How well does it perform under specific time constraints?

Security Testing

Most organizations fear security breaches. Security testing determines if vulnerabilities exist and measure the overall integrity of the system. It usually involves vulnerability scans, network-level penetration testing, and network monitoring. Note that security testing should take place both during development and continually post-release.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is an integral part of website testing. This type of testing ensures that websites function the same way,  regardless of which browser a user is using to view the site. It typically involves testing on each browser and versions of browsers and monitoring the site’s performance, usability, and functionality.

Functionality Testing

Compatibility and functionality testing work hand-in-hand. To illustrate, functionality testing ensures the product is functionally suitable for release while compatibility testing considers whether the product works correctly, adequately, and suitably. Both compatibility and functionality testing must occur before publication.

Functionality and compatibility tests work together to create a viable, operational, and secure product. Their compatibility illustrates one reason software testing is so integral to the development process.


Companies can employ many different software tests to improve the functionality, security, and usability of their software applications. To learn more about different software testing types and how they can grow your business, contact iBeta Quality Assurance. We look forward to hearing from you.