In an effort to provide clarification and a better understanding regarding the ISO Presentation Attack Detection testing that iBeta conducts in accordance with the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard and in alignment with the ISO/IEC 30107-1 framework, we provide the following explanation.

Understanding the Test Method

iBeta is accredited by NIST NVLAP as an Independent Test Lab and ISO 30107-3 is included in our scope of accreditation.   As such, the specific test procedures, processes, and report templates, as developed by iBeta, are audited and approved as part of the NIST administration of the NVLAP.

Prior to test start, the PAD mechanism is determined:

  • PAD subsystem test – evaluates presentation attack detection only

  • Data capture test – evaluates the coupled presentation attack and quality checks

  • Full system test – evaluates the biometric comparison capabilities of the full biometric subsystem

The type of PAD mechanism determines the ISO/IEC 30107-3 mandated reporting metrics for the evaluation.  For subsystem PAD evaluations, the classification error rates (APCER, BPCER and associated non-response rates) are determined whereas when evaluating full systems, the imposter attack presentation match rates (IAPMR and associated FNMR/FMR) is determined.

In order to specify more exactly the test method, iBeta identified levels of testing (although similar to the FIDO Alliance Levels A & B, there are significant differences).  The testing levels and performance requirements are identified as:

Level Time Expertise Artefact source Limit
1 8 hours per subject or species None Cooperative subject and equipment is readily available in a normal home or office environment 0% penetration or match rate allowed
2 2-4 days per subject or species Moderate – participated in at least 1 other PAD test with the target modality and has an understanding of the liveness detection functionality of the test target Cooperative subject and equipment is more expensive (such as a 3D printer, resin mask, latex mask) 1% penetration or match rate allowed

In order to maintain uniformity between vendor solutions and modalities and to apply the test methods to each vendor consistently, the 6 species of attacks (called “PAIS” in ISO 30107-3 ) are selected as uniformly as possible.  If the application uses an active liveness detector to elicit a “voluntary response” (the ISO 30107-1 term), then the species of attacks are tailored just as an impostor would tailor them to provide the movement, smile, blink, etc.  Our procedure sets a material cost limit such that Level 1 artefacts cannot exceed $30 and Level 2 are limited to $300.  This keeps the artefacts creation or procurement costs generally consistent across all vendor solutions.

In addition, each species set of artefacts is created and applied to the PAD within a time limit.   For Level 1, if liveness detection only is being assessed, then iBeta will create and apply each of the species artefacts within 8 hours, targeting to present 150 attacks alternated with 50 genuine presentations.  If a full system is under evaluation, then the artefacts associated with the species for a single genuine subject are created and applied within 8 hours.  With 6 subjects and/or 6 species, the testing therefore requires 48 hours.

ISO 30107-3 discusses cooperative versus uncooperative subjects.  iBeta uses cooperative subjects in that the artefacts are created from biometric characteristics provided by volunteer data subjects (if not purchased) who are willing and able to pose for photos, record videos, provide their fingerprints in molding material or sit for a live cast.  We only use cooperative subjects as the artefacts created from willing volunteers are of better quality making for a more conservative test.  iBeta is evaluating the vendor solution and not the ability of our testers to obtain latent prints, as an example.

Prior to applying any presentation attack, the configuration of the vendor solution is recorded and the version is referenced in the confirmation letter.  In addition, because the device used to capture the biometric sample impacts the results, the exact device configuration is recorded and also referenced in the confirmation letter.

During the test effort, bona fide biometric presentations to the PAD device not only provide the reporting metrics required by ISO 30107-3 but also provide the indication of usability by the data subjects.  For this reason, iBeta is now limiting the BPCER and FNMR to 15% to obtain a “PASS” rating.  If a bona fide data subject cannot be recognized as live and/or matching to the enrolment reference, iBeta will suspend testing as a high BPCER or FNMR biases the test result.  These error rates were originally unconstrained but have been limited to 20% and now recently reduced to 15%.  This limit is reviewed every 6 months and is subject to further reduction as PAD technology improves.

The iBeta testing and reporting provides results that indicate that the solution testing is compliant or conforms with the ISO 30107-3 testing and reporting requirements. This itself, however, does not translate to a certification of the vendor product.

Certification vs. Conformance

When iBeta was initially accredited, the term certification was used but was corrected during the NIST/NVLAP audit in March 2019.  There is no difference in our test methods, procedures, or processes between the earlier testing and the testing after that date with the exception that the allowed limit for genuine or Bona Fide presentations is now stricter.

Confirmation Letters

iBeta posts, by written vendor consent, the Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) Confirmation letters that provide the results of the iBeta PAD testing.  These letters specify the type of PAD testing and the configuration of the vendor product that was tested.  In order to fully assess the vendor product, the audience of these letters should understand the test method used to assess conformance with the ISO 30107-3 Standard.

iBeta does not impose a fee for posting confirmation letters, and any correspondence from iBeta will come from only.

Date of LetterVendorPAD LevelProduct testedVersion(s) testedFNMR or BPCER limitPDF Link
05/20/24Grab HoldingsLevel 1Grab Liveness1.015%PDF
05/16/24IQSECLevel 1Antispoofing Facial1.2.4.415%PDF
05/03/24IDEMIALevel 1 VisionPass SP2.1.515%PDF
05/02/24VinBigDataLevel 1Vizone Access2024.04.16_0115%PDF
04/25/24Thales GroupLevel 1MultiScan SDK with CSD201i/CSD201m device5.115%PDF
04/17/24E.SUN COMMERCIAL BANKLevel 1ESUNFaceLiveness1.0.015%PDF
04/17/24AlcheraLevel 1ALCHERA FACE TRUST LIVENESS1.015%PDF
04/11/24VeridasLevel 2Veridas Passive Liveness Detectionsdk-photo-selfie-capture v5.0.015%PDF
03/28/24SenseTime InternationalLevel 2Liveness3.3.115%PDF
03/15/24VeridasLevel 1Veridas Passive Liveness Detectionsdk-photo-selfie-capture v5.0.015%PDF
03/07/24FaciaLevel 2Facia SDK3.0.4 iOS
3.0.1 Android
03/04/241KosmosLevel 1BlockID1.10.00
02/08/24Kasikorn LabsLevel 2AINU Passive2.0.015%PDF
02/06/24TencentLevel 1Tencent eKYC1.0 Android
1.0.2 iOS
01/25/24VerichainsLevel 2TrueID1.415%PDF
01/08/24ShopeeLevel 2ALC ISO Demo4.915%PDF
01/05/24LuxandLevel 1LivenessRecognition1.315%PDF
12/28/23ParavisionLevel 2Paravision Liveness1.215%PDF
12/21/23GLORYLevel 1Face Spoofing Detector1.015%PDF
12/08/23GoTo FinancialLevel 1GTF Liveness Check2.915%PDF
11/30/23HID GlobalLevel 1U.ARE.U Camera Identification SystemUAREU-v0.9115%PDF
11/27/23idwallLevel 1Face-service1.4215%PDF
11/16/23Persona Identities, Inc.Level 2Persona Selfie Liveness2.015%PDF
11/01/23SenseTime InternationalLevel 1Liveness3.3.0 (Android)
3.3.1 (iOS)
11/01/23Vietnam Payment Solution (VNPAY)Level 1VNPAY FACE EKYC1.015%PDF
10/19/23Amazon Development Center U.S., Inc.Level 2Rekognition Face Liveness1.015%PDF
10/16/23ParavisionLevel 1Paravision Liveness1.015%PDF
10/10/23Integrated BiometricsLevel 1Columbo2.0.015%PDF
09/19/23IDfyLevel 1Liveness3.015%PDF
09/11/23Amazon Development Center U.S., Inc.Level 1Rekognition Face Liveness1.015%PDF
09/08/23TECH5Level 1T5-AirSnap Finger2.5.2.2s15%PDF
08/28/23Persona Identities, Inc.Level 1Persona Selfie Livenessv2.015%PDF
08/25/23DicioLevel 1Dicio Liveness Pro4.015%PDF
08/22/23RankOneLevel 2ROC SDK2.615%PDF
07/17/23Kasikorn LabsLevel 1AINU Passive1.0.015%PDF
07/12/23Accura ScanLevel 2Accura Face Liveness
1.0 Android
2.0.0 Server
06/22/23Microsoft Azure Cognitive ServicesLevel 2Face Liveness2022-10-15-preview.0415%PDF
06/13/23UZINFOCOM - Single Integrator, LLCLevel 1MyID1.015%PDF
05/22/23FaciaLevel 1Facia SDK2.2.0 iOS
2.4.1 Android
05/19/23Microsoft Azure Cognitive ServicesLevel 1Face Liveness2022-10-15-preview.0415%PDF
03/06/23Suprema AILevel 1Q-FaceEngine1.0.215%PDF
02/22/23Yoti LimitedLevel 2MyFace by Yoti0.6.315%PDF
02/16/23Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications GroupLevel 1eKYC1.0.215%PDF
02/10/23VisionLabsLevel 2LUNA PLATFORM (Face recognition system VisionLabs LUNA)5.28.015%PDF
01/30/23Incode Technologies, Inc.Level 2Incode Omni1.015%PDF
01/23/23NTechLab™Level 2FindFace Multi™1.015%PDF
01/05/23IdentomatLevel 2Identomat-widgetbuild#73214443415%N/A
12/21/22Chakshu.AILevel 1SpoofSense1.1.015%PDF
12/13/22ADERA Global Smart TechLevel 1BCAT2.05.0.1315%PDF
12/05/22Thales GroupLevel 1MultiScanDemo_Qt of MultiScan SDK with DactyScan84c device5.015%PDF
11/29/22Panasonic ConnectLevel 1Face Spoofing Detection1.015%PDF
11/23/22Rank One ComputingLevel 1ROC SDK2.315%PDF
11/18/22eGroupAILevel 1RecognizeFace1.015%PDF
11/09/22ShopeeLevel 1ALC ISO Demo4.915%PDF
10/24/22AlcheraLevel 1Truest Face1.015%PDF
10/10/22VisionLabsLevel 1LUNA PLATFORM (Face recognition system VisionLabs LUNA)5.28.015%PDF
09/02/22Kasikorn LabsLevel 2KBTG Face LivenessSDK 4.0.015%PDF
08/23/22VNG Software Development CompanyLevel 1trueID
1.4 Android
7.1.5 Server
08/19/22NeurotechnologyLevel 1Face Verification and MegaMatcher12.1.0.015%PDF
08/16/22Accura ScanLevel 1Accura Face Liveness
1.0 Android
1.0.0 Server
07/19/22DaonLevel 2DaonFace6.0.815%PDF
06/23/22Integrated BiometricsLevel 1Watson Mini1.1.415%PDF
06/22/22Integrated BiometricsLevel 1Five-O1.0.415%PDF
06/21/22PapagoLevel 1Face81.4415%PDF
06/08/22OnfidoLevel 2Liveness
Android application
04/13/ (Ipsidy, Inc.)Level 2Ipsidy.Bioweb.BiometricsWebApp
Server v2.8.1 
Dashboard v1.7.0
04/12/22Fraud.comLevel 2Udentify
iOS and Android
04/06/22VeridasLevel 2Selfie Alive Pro
Photo Selfie SDK
SDK v4.4.0 iOS
04/06/22Advance AILevel 1Liveness Detection5.715%PDF
04/01/22Kasikorn LabsLevel 1KBTG Face Liveness (Android)SDK 3.0.015%PDF
03/29/22NECLevel 1NEC Passive2.015%PDF
03/17/ (Ipsidy, Inc.)Level 1Ipsidy.Bioweb.BiometricsWebApp
Server v2.7.0 
Dashboard v1.7.0
03/04/22Integrated BiometricsLevel 1Kojak3.1.215%PDF
03/04/22CyberLink Corp.Level 2FaceMe6.0.015%PDF
03/03/22FacePhiLevel 2SelphID® SDK
02/28/22Kasikorn LabsLevel 1KBTG Face Liveness (iOS)SDK 3.0.015%PDF
02/21/22Yoti LimitedLevel 1MyFace by Yoti20220119_50000-r115%PDF
02/01/22NTechLab™Level 1FindFace Multi™1.015%PDF
01/24/22OnfidoLevel 2Liveness
iOS application
01/13/22Combate à FraudeLevel 1Face Liveness3.015%PDF
01/11/22UnisseyLevel 2Liveness1.4.015%PDF
01/05/22Orbis SystemsLevel 1BioLiveness0.6.015%PDF
12/21/21VU SecurityLevel 2Secure Onboarding Processv1.2.5.1 Android
1.29.0 server
12/15/21OnfidoLevel 1Liveness
iOS application
12/02/21OZ ForensicsLevel 2Liveness SDK 2.2.2 iOS
SDK Android
Server ML models 0053
11/05/21IdemiaLevel 2VisionPass2.6.1.A715%PDF
11/03/21Fraud.comLevel 1Udentify
iOS and Android
10/22/21CyberLink Corp.Level 1FaceMe6.0.015%PDF
10/15/21OnfidoLevel 1Liveness
Android application
10/07/21IdemiaLevel 1VisionPass2.6.1.A715%PDF
09/29/21NEC JapanLevel 2NECv1.815%PDF
9/20/21Transmission y Vision Digital, S.A. de C.V.Level 1Dicio Liveness2.1.1115%PDF
08/05/21ImagewareLevel 2Biointellec Intelligent Liveness AssuranceAndroid client and SDK 9.0.3
iOS client 1.12 and SDK 1.4.1
07/26/21CUBOXLevel 1CUFaceSDK1.8.015%PDF
06/25/21HyperVergeLevel 1HyperVerge Onboard
HyperVerge Liveness
06/15/21OnfidoLevel 1Onfido Selfie

Anti-spoofing Service
9.3.1 (Android)
21.4.0 (IOS)
Version 14
05/17/21HID GlobalLevel 1EikonTouch® TC510Driver Version
04/26/21InnovatricsLevel 2Digital Onboarding Toolkit4.0 Android
2.2 iOS
04/16/21NEC Asia PacificLevel 2Luma2.1.44 iOS
Luma 7.E.4
04/13/21EyeVerifyLevel 2EyeVerify2.0 (20)15%PDF
04/12/21EyeVerifyLevel 2EyeVerify2.0 (29)15%PDF
04/08/21UnisseyLevel 1Passive Liveness115%PDF
03/29/21VU SecurityLevel 1Secure Onboarding Processv1.2.5.1 Android
1.29.0 server
03/23/21EyeVerifyLevel 1EyeVerify2.0 (28)15%PDF
03/12/21DaonLevel 1DaonFace5.1.0.7 iOS
5.1.0 (26) Android
03/11/21Sum and SubstanceLevel 1Prooface19.1.015%PDF
03/02/21EyeVerifyLevel 1EyeVerify2.0 (16)15%PDF
02/25/21Oz ForensicsLevel 1LivenessSDK 2.0.0 iOS
SDK 4.4.10 Android
Server ML models 0039
02/11/21HID GlobalLevel 2V-Seriesv 8.0.37723 driver
SDK v 0.92
01/07/21RaizomatLevel 1IdentomatRelease 1215%PDF
01/06/21ThalesLevel 2DactyID20220015%PDF
01/04/21NEC Asia PacificLevel 1Luma2.1.44 iOS
2.1.43 Android
Luma 7.E.4
12/18/20ScanovateLevel 1Liveness1.7.015%PDF
12/17/20VeridasLevel 1das-Facev2.6.5
SDK v3.0.0 iOS
SDK v3.2.0 Android
11/24/20NEC JapanLevel 1NECv1.015%PDF
10/19/20IDMissionLevel 2Idmission7.3.4.620%PDF
10/01/20iProovLevel 2Liveness Asurancev7.0.020%PDF
09/30/20ID R&DLevel 2IDLive Face1.16.015%PDF
09/16/20InnovatricsLevel 1Digital Onboarding Toolkit3.0.0 Android
2.1.0(1) iOS
09/16/20iProovLevel 1Liveness Asurancev7.0.020%PDF
08/26/20ThalesLevel 1DactyID202.1.0.020%PDF
08/18/20iProovLevel 2iProov SDKApp 7.4.1(219)
SDK 7.5.0 (1)
08/17/20AwareLevel 2FaceLiveness2.7.1.1 iOS
2.7.1 Android
07/27/20AwareLevel 1FaceLiveness2.7.1.1 iOS
2.6.2 Android
07/24/20iProovLevel 1iProov SDKApp 7.4.1(219)
SDK 7.5.0 (1)
06/30/20OCR LabsLevel 2Digital Identification Processv1.0NonePDF
06/03/20IDMissionLevel 1Idmission7.2.2.420%PDF
05/22/20Idemia - PassiveLevel 2Web CaptureSDK V 3.10.020%PDF
04/30/20Idemia - PassiveLevel 1Web CaptureSDK V 3.10.020%PDF
04/08/20ImageWareLevel 1GoVerifyID7.5.81 iOS Android
02/27/20ZolozLevel 2ZOLOZSDK v18.0 iOSNonePDF
12/31/19ID R&DLevel 1IDLive Face1.9.0NonePDF
12/27/19Idemia - ActiveLevel 2SmartBioSdkSDK V 4.20.0 (2.37)20%PDF
12/13/19HID GlobalLevel 2M-SeriesSDK 0.2020%PDF
12/10/19Idemia - ActiveLevel 1SmartBioSdkSDK V 4.20.0 (2.37)NonePDF
09/03/19OCR LabsLevel 1Digital Identification Processv1.0NonePDF
08/23/19IncodeLevel 1Omni Face highfivev1.0NonePDF
07/17/19RedrockLevel 1PalmID Loginv3.0.0.8NonePDF
05/22/19HID GlobalLevel 1M-Seriesv 7.00.00 driver
SDK v 6.01.26
04/18/19ZolozLevel 1ZOLOZv4.6NonePDF
02/07/19FaceTecLevel 2ZoOmv6.9.11NonePDF
09/19/18HID GlobalLevel 1V-Seriesv 7.00.00 driver
SDK v 6.01.26
08/20/18FaceTecLevel 1ZoOmv6.6.0NonePDF