Software Development Process IssuesSoftware development process issues have been around since the inception of software development. Improving software development productivity should be the main focus of all who work on teams, especially leads and managers.

Yet before issues can be tackled, teams need to understand what issues could arise in the course of the development process. Here, we cover three of the most common problems experienced within among software dev teams.

  1. Communication: Communication is a problem among many teams across many industries. Development teams are not immune, but miscommunication in development teams can lead to poorly made products that don’t meet the customer needs. Misunderstanding among teams can also lead to missed deadlines and feature requests.
  2. Poor Scheduling: Aggressive timelines are one thing; unrealistic timelines are another. Projects need adequate time to be built. If not enough time is given for features, testing and fixes to occur, major issues will occur. While clients might be looking for a completed project as soon as possible, project managers must explain why more time is needed. If a client is being unreasonable and not accepting practical pushback, teams should consider whether or not they should take on the client.
  3. Lack of testing: Little to no testing often results from overly aggressive timelines. Yet testing must be a part of the process. Testing ensures that the product is working as intended and that there are no bugs or issues. No one wants to wait until a customer either complains or returns an item to find out that there was a problem.

The software development process is complicated enough. Proper communication, planning and testing can help ensure that teams don’t fall victim to the above problems.

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