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3 Common Issues with the Software Development Process

Software development process issues have been around since the inception of software. Improving software development productivity should be the main focus of all who work on development teams, especially leads and project managers.

However, before any issues are addressed, teams must understand which issues might arise during development. Here, we cover three of the most common problems software development teams face when planning, creating or expanding their software applications or services.

Inadequate Communication Amongst Teams

Communication is a problem in the workplace across many industries, especially in software development. Miscommunication in development teams can lead to poorly made products that don’t meet stakeholder expectations or customer needs. Misunderstanding among teams can also lead to missed deadlines and feature requests and may incur additional expenses to bring the product up to par.

Poorly Scheduling the Software Development Process

Aggressive timelines are one thing; unrealistic timelines are another. Projects need adequate time to build. If given an insufficient amount of time to test, major software issues will likely occur. While clients might be looking for a completed project as soon as possible, project managers must take a realistic approach to the time required to complete a project request and request deadline extensions whenever necessary. If a client is unreasonable and unwilling to accept practical feedback, teams should consider whether to work with the client in the first place.

Lack of Software Testing 

Overly aggressive timelines often result in sub-par software testing. Yet testing must be a part of the development process. Testing ensures that products work as intended and that bugs are addressed before the software goes live. No one wants to wait until a customer complains to find out that there was a problem with the software.


Software development is a complicated process. Proper communication, planning, and testing help ensure that teams don’t fall victim to development problems. Contact us to learn how iBeta can improve your software development process with our software testing and quality assurance services.