QA When You Need It

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iBeta covers all aspects of Quality Assurance — You get what you want, when you want it!

Functionality Testing

Does your application work according to specifications?

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Compatibility Testing

How does your application perform in an unknown environment?

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Load / Performance Testing

What  user load can your application and server sustain?

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Mobile Testing

Does your mobile app work on all iOS/Android devices?

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Security Testing

Where are application and network vulnerabilities?

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Game Testing

Is your game bug-free and will it be console compliant?

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Biometrics Testing

Do you need accredited  testing of your biometric system?

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Other Services

Do you have any other quality assurance needs?

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Recent Posts

How to Handle Fluctuating QA Resource Needs

Software development cycles vary throughout the year. During peak times, every staff member – and potentially more – is needed to ensure that the product is finished on time, within budget and in working order. During slow times, however, many development and QA resources may be under-utilized, wasting precious budget and potentially making good employees...