Quality Assurance
on Demand

iBeta’s QA On-Demand model is our fastest growing service offering. It centers on the common need of quickly ramping up and down quality assurance teams to meet the needs of development and testing cycles.
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Secure Testing Lab

iBeta’s testing lab provides the highest physical and procedural security for your testing projects. Access to our lab facility is secured by electronic key-card access controls, cipher-locks, and full-hand geometry biometric locks in high security areas.

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Complete Confidentiality

We protect your intellectual property by providing you with complete confidentiality. Your project will be legally covered by a non-disclosure agreement and our secure testing lab structure will add the required security.

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Flexible QA Testing Schedules

We understand that your testing timelines are sometimes impacted by slipping development schedules and other unforeseen factors. iBeta’s flexible QA testing schedules fit well with agile schedules or changing timelines.
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Consistent Pool of Resources

Repeat business is our prime focus.  When you return with your next project, iBeta will do its best to re-assign as many of the same resources that have worked on your previous QA projects as possible.

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Our Services

Web Testing

Does your application work according to specifications?

Mobile Testing

Does your mobile app work on all desired devices?

Load/Performance Testing

What user load can your application and server sustain?

Security Testing

Where are application and network vulnerabilities?

Biometrics Testing

Do you need accredited testing of your biometric system?


Do you need an EPCS certification?

Game Testing

Is your game bug-free and will it run on all devices?

Other Services

Do you have any other quality assurance needs?


We have answers. Get in touch and let’s figure out how we can serve your quality assurance needs.
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