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Manual Testing

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Our website testing teams specialize in manual functionality and browser compatibility testing of websites, web applications, and client-server applications.  Testing will be tailored to the client’s specific requirements and can include any PC or Mac operating system as well as any browser and browser version.

iBeta can either begin by designing test plans and test cases, or use already existing test plans that are provided by the client. iBeta can also successfully engage with a client with limited or no documentation at all.

Once testing is under way, all bugs that are encountered will be added in real time into a mutually accessible bug tracking data base (either the client’s or iBeta’s).  A daily summary report will be submitted at the end of each test-day, summarizing any high priority issues.

In addition to functionality and compatibility testing, iBeta’s test experts can also provide our clients with a general user experience feedback.

Depending on our clients’ development model (agile, sprints, one-offs, etc.), we can schedule initial test sweeps and regression testing to meet any development cycles.



In some cases automation scripts may be desired by our clients to re-test certain parts of an application internally.  To support such automation efforts, iBeta has designed a very cost effective and customizable automation framework, based on Selenium.  Our model allows clients to customize how much or how little the involvement of iBeta’s automation engineers shall be. This approach is another On-Demand feature that helps our clients to optimize their QA budget.