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    Website & Web Application Testing Services

    Drive higher engagement and visitor retention with website testing to give your website visitors a smooth experience on your site no matter what device, browser, or platform they arrive from. Your website is a vital representation of your brand and should function with the same precision as the rest of your business.

    Website testing identifies and fix bugs, security vulnerabilities, and performance issues. This allows your business to maintain a professional online presence and ensures the reliability and security of the website to build customer trust and stay competitive in the digital marketplace.

    Our Website Testing Services

    Responsive Testing

    Ensures an application or web page reads and functions well despite the device or screen size on which it is used/viewed.

    Compatibility Testing

    Helps confirm an application works well across all applicable devices, browsers, and operating systems.

    Performance Testing

    Used to verify a system’s responsiveness and stability under various workloads; may also include a focus on reliability and scalability.

    eCommerce Testing

    The testing of online shopping applications to prevent purchase errors and to add value to online shopping experiences.

    Accessibility Testing

    Ensures that software, hardware, or any other IT component, is easily accessible to people with disabilities.

    Streaming Media

    Streaming services include throttling, rendition ramping, network condition analysis, analytics, closed captioning, soak testing and more.

    Anyone with a browser can superficially “test” your website and web applications, but not everyone can systematically test your website by attacking every part of your technology. That’s the iBeta difference.

    Responsive Web Testing

    Responsive web design is critical for any website or application. Responsive web design means harnessing a variety of web technologies across multiple platforms and browsers to deliver an optimal viewing experience.

    The only way to guarantee a job well done is through comprehensive web testing across multiple devices.





    We make sure your software technology works flawlessly on every browser, device, and relevant OS.



    We can help determine how well your software works for people with disabilities such as vision loss, hearing loss, or color blindness.



    We can help your software reach a global audience with proper translations, usability services, and a local feel.

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    We provide a unique perspective about the qualitative aspects of your technology.

    icon - LOAD


    We test your software under various conditions to measure performance as system demands change.

    Comprehensive Website Testing Services We Offer

    Anyone with a browser can superficially “test” your website and web applications, but not everyone can systematically test your website by attacking every part of your technology. That’s the iBeta difference.

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    Functionality and Compatibility Testing

    We perform comprehensive functionality testing to ensure that all features and functionalities of your website work as intended. We test various elements such as:

    • Navigation
    • Forms
    • search functionality
    • user registration
    • interactive components to ensure a smooth user experience
    • conduct compatibility testing across different browsers, operating systems, and devices to ensure website function across a wide range of platforms
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    User Experience Optimization

    iBeta’s website testing includes usability testing, where we evaluate the user experience of your website. By gathering feedback from users and conducting usability tests, you will be provided insights on improving the overall user experience, making your website more user-friendly and engaging. We assess factors such as:

    • website navigation
    • layout
    • content presentation
    • readability
    • intuitiveness
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    Performance and Load Testing

    iBeta conducts performance and load testing to assess how your website performs under normal and heavy traffic conditions. By optimizing performance, you can ensure a fast and seamless user experience, reduce bounce rates, and improve conversion rates. We measure:

    • response times
    • page load speeds
    • server performance to identify any performance bottlenecks or scalability issues
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    Accessibility Compliance

    iBeta ensures that your website meets accessibility standards and guidelines, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We conduct accessibility testing to identify potential barriers that may hinder users with disabilities from accessing and using your website. By addressing these barriers, you can make your website more inclusive and accessible to a wider range of users.

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    Cross-Platform and Cross-Device Testing

    iBeta tests your website across different platforms and devices to ensure consistent functionality and user experience. This ensures that your website reaches and engages users across various devices and platforms. We verify that regardless of the operating system or screen size, your website works well on:

    • desktop computers
    • laptops
    • tablets
    • mobile devices
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    Content and Localization Testing

    If your website includes multilingual or localized content, iBeta can perform content and localization testing. We ensure that translated content is accurate, culturally appropriate, and properly displayed on the website. This helps you provide a seamless and localized experience for users in different regions.

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    Compliance and Standards Verification

    iBeta helps ensure that your website complies with industry standards, regulatory requirements, and legal guidelines. This ensures that your website operates within legal and ethical boundaries, protecting your business reputation and mitigating potential risks. We verify compliance with:

    • privacy regulations
    • cookie policies
    • data protection laws
    • other relevant standards.

    Our Website Testing and Web Application Testing Process

    icon - Scope Determination

    Scope Determination

    Map out and identify the pieces of your website that need to be tested and the scope of desktop and mobile browser compatibility coverage.

    icon - Engagement Planning

    Engagement Planning

    We work with you to create a custom test approach that meets your testing needs and priorities in a way that fits your budget and timeline.

    icon - Testing


    Tests are run, bugs are found and logged, and results are reported.

    icon - Retesting


    Once the tests are done, we lay out the findings in a clear and concise comprehensive report. We don’t just list issues; we suggest fixes. It’s all about turning challenges into triumphs.

    Advantages of Automated Versus
    Manual Website Testing

    Testing your website is key to ensuring it meets high standards of quality and functionality. Now, let’s weigh the benefits of automated against manual testing.

    Automated testing saves time and is perfect for repetitive tasks. It’s like having a tireless robot that checks your code, again and again, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Picture a scenario where you have to verify hundreds of test cases – automation does this swiftly.

    On the other hand, manual testing involves human touch and insight. Humans catch nuances that machines might miss. Let’s say you’re testing how user-friendly your website is; a human tester will give you the lowdown on the user experience in a way that automation can’t match.

    So, when do you choose one over the other? For large-scale regression testing or when you need to run the same tests across multiple code versions, automation is your friend.

    But for exploratory testing or when the test scenario is too complex for a script, manual testing shines.

    A smart strategy mixes both automated and manual testing. You get the speed and efficiency of automation, plus the insight and detailed attention of manual testing. It’s like a dynamic duo working to make your website the best it can be. This is why our team tests your website with both methods.

    Let’s connect to
    help you and your team.

      Our Web Testing Projects

      icon - Mobile Ticketing System

      Mobile Ticketing System

      A company created a system to sell movie tickets via mobile and web and needed help testing a mobile app customer interface, a web customer interface, a tablet-based Point of Sale system, and the seamless integration of them all.

      iBeta provided an ongoing test team focused on each product.  All of the iBeta testers were fully integrated with each Agile development team, but they are also cross-trained on the other products which allowed for nimble allocation and re-allocation of test efforts as needed.  The iBeta team enabled the company to maintain a high cadence of releases compromising quality or diminishing the experience of paying customers.

      icon - 3D Customizer on Multi-Region eCommerce Website

      3D Customizer on Multi-Region eCommerce Website

      A shoe brand with an international web presence was creating a complex shoe customizer page for their website.  The new page allowed customers to select the style, material, pattern, and color for a pair of shoes and displayed their choices in real-time on a rotating 3D model of the shoe.  Customers could also customize the shoes with short messages or their own uploaded images.

      This new feature needed to be tested on the localized websites for 13 different countries, each with its own set of payment and shipping options.

      iBeta proposed a comprehensive test matrix to cover the functional points of the customizer, a wide selection of desktop and mobile web browsers, and a full array of order flow payment and shipping options.

      We worked with the client to maximize coverage across the targeted countries within the available budget and timeframe.

      iBeta completed all the testing on time despite having to rework the test execution schedule to accommodate delayed delivery of some functionality.

      icon - Clothing Brand Websites Replatform and eCommerce Conversion

      Clothing Brand Websites Replatform and eCommerce Conversion

      A clothing company specializing in B2B sales was expanding the capabilities of two brand websites to include B2C sales.   As part of this change, websites would be shifted to hosting on a new eCommerce cloud platform.

      The websites needed end-to-end testing of the new shopping cart order flow and extensive desktop and mobile browser compatibility testing.  Both sites needed to be tested within the same tight window of time before launch.

      Given a short testing time frame, iBeta proposed an approach to maximize testing time and minimize the time spent creating test documents.  iBeta’s test plan focused on exploratory testing for the majority of site pages with scripted testing focused on certain high-priority shopping cart flow options.
      Extensive site-wide testing was executed in the most popular browser platforms while higher-risk eCommerce functionality received compatibility-focused coverage across a much wider selection of platforms.

      Why Choose iBeta for Website Testing

      Why iBeta? It’s about the blend of precision, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

      • No long term contracts
      • Manual and automated testing for comprehensive testing
      • Compliance knowledge and adherence
      • Detailed and clear reporting
      • 25 years experience testing websites and software
      • Transparency ensuring you’re always in the loop
      • Client testimonials echoing satisfaction and quality results.
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      Software Testing Frequently Asked Questions

      icon question

      Why is functionality and compatibility testing important for websites?

      Making sure a website’s features and functionalities function as expected is what functionality testing is all about. For consistent experience across all devices, browsers, and operating systems, compatibility testing ensures that the website works as intended.

      icon question

      How does user experience optimization enhance a website?

      When trying to improve the user experience, it’s important to conduct usability tests that look at things like the site’s structure, layout, and the way material is presented. By listening to our users, we can make the site better for everyone and make their time on it more enjoyable.

      icon question

      What does performance and load testing involve?

      By simulating both light and high traffic, performance and load testing determine how well a website handles both scenarios. It finds slow spots and makes sure users have a smooth experience by measuring response times, page load speeds, and server performance.

      icon question

      What is the significance of accessibility compliance in website testing?

      Websites can be considered accessible if they adhere to accessibility standards such as WCAG. In order to make the website more accessible and inclusive, it is necessary to conduct tests in order to detect and remove any obstacles.

      icon question

      Why is cross-platform and cross-device testing crucial for websites?

      To make sure a website is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems, it must undergo cross-device and cross-platform testing. In order to appeal to a wide range of users, it is essential to make sure that your app works properly on all types of devices.

      icon question

      How do compliance and standards verification protect a website?

      The testing process ensures that the product complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. Protecting the company’s image and reducing risks, this makes sure the website doesn’t break any rules.

      icon question

      How do you ensure thorough test coverage for complex web applications?

      Combining manual and automated testing allows for comprehensive coverage of complicated web applications. The goal of creating thorough test plans is to ensure that all features and scenarios are covered, whether through exploratory or scripted testing.

      icon question

      What is the process of reporting and fixing identified issues during web testing?

      We document and report any issues that are found during testing, either in your bug database or ours. To resolve the challenges, a process of working together with development teams is started. Timely resolution is guaranteed through regular communication.

      icon question

      How does your web testing service handle testing for different user roles and permissions?

      To test for various user roles and permissions, it is necessary to create scenarios that reflect actual use. Without sacrificing security, our testing service makes sure that all user roles may access the features and capabilities they need.

      icon question

      What is the importance of usability testing for e-commerce websites?

      When it comes to online stores, usability testing is key to making customers’ buying experiences better. To make sure the user has a good time, it checks things like the navigation, the checkout procedures, and the general user experience.

      icon question

      What is the role of QA consulting in web testing services?

      Strategic advice on testing procedures, resources, and approaches is offered by QA consultants. It maximizes the efficiency and efficacy of web testing by making sure it follows industry best practices.

      You may trust in our dedication to quality, history of success, and comprehensive testing methods to guide your digital projects to a successful conclusion. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how iBeta can revolutionize the way you think about testing websites and online applications.



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