Why should I use iBeta for brand auditing?

Expertise and Experience: iBeta is a reputable and experienced company specializing in software testing and quality assurance services. We have a team of skilled professionals with expertise in brand auditing, providing comprehensive and reliable assessments of brand elements, compliance, and user experience.


Comprehensive Brand Assessment: iBeta conducts thorough brand audits, examining various aspects of your brand, including visual identity, messaging, positioning, user experience, and consistency across different channels. We assess how well your brand aligns with your target audience, business goals, and industry standards, providing valuable insights to strengthen and enhance your brand strategy.


Objective and Unbiased Evaluation: iBeta offers an unbiased perspective on your brand. As an independent third-party auditor, they provide objective evaluations and recommendations based on industry best practices and user-centric principles. This impartial assessment helps identify potential gaps, weaknesses, or inconsistencies in your brand, allowing you to make informed decisions for improvement.


Compliance and Standards: iBeta ensures that your brand adheres to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and legal guidelines. We assess brand elements to ensure compliance with intellectual property rights, copyright laws, content standards, accessibility guidelines, and other relevant regulations. This helps protect your brand’s reputation, mitigate legal risks, and maintain ethical and professional practices.


User Perception and Experience: iBeta evaluates how users perceive and interact with your brand across different touchpoints. By conducting usability testing, user surveys, and user feedback analysis, they gather valuable insights on user experience, satisfaction, and sentiment related to your brand. This information enables you to refine and optimize your brand strategy to better resonate with your target audience.


Actionable Recommendations: iBeta provides actionable recommendations based on the findings of the brand audit. These recommendations are tailored to your specific brand goals and challenges, helping you identify areas for improvement and providing guidance on how to enhance your brand elements, messaging, and overall brand experience.


Competitive Advantage: By partnering with iBeta for brand auditing, you gain a competitive advantage in the market. A comprehensive brand audit helps identify opportunities for differentiation, refine your brand positioning, and enhance your brand’s uniqueness and relevance in a crowded marketplace. This positions your brand for success and enables you to stand out among competitors.


Long-term Brand Strategy: iBeta’s brand auditing services are not limited to a one-time assessment. We can provide ongoing support and guidance to develop and execute a long-term brand strategy. Our expertise in brand management and quality assurance helps ensure that your brand remains consistent, relevant, and impactful as your business evolves.

Brand Auditing helps ensure that your company’s marketing efforts are as fruitful as possible by making sure advertisements display and run properly and efficiently across all applicable devices and operating systems.

iBeta provides tailored brand auditing services to ensure that your company vision matches public perception.


Confirming that metadata (show descriptions and images) provided by a TV network are displayed correctly when that particular show is viewed on different video distribution platforms (e.g. iTunes downloads; Over-The-Top providers like Sling, Hulu, YouTube; cable/satellite providers on demand services) via web, mobile, connected TV devices and provider set top boxes

Verifying placement of promotional items in user interface of cable provider set top boxes

Auditing promotional placement and metadata quality for competitor TV networks

Verifying the quality of video ads being displayed on streaming video services via web, mobile, and connected TV devices

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