quality assurance represented by man hard-wiring a computer

The Real Costs of Poor Quality Assurance

Software product failures are a common occurrence, often due to a rush to get the product out the door as quickly as possible (or performing the first load testing after product launch). Then, when they are released, products are not fully functional and don’t meet consumer needs or requirements. Quality assurance all too often takes a back seat in the software development process.

Many companies don’t consider the real cost of software quality assurance and therefore, may not adequately test their products. This can lead to significant problems down the road. Here are some of the common ones.

Delays in Software Development

One cost associated with inadequate QA time is the delays it can cause. Delays often come from sections of an app or website that need redesign because of failure to meet business or customer requirements. Delays mean that resources need to work longer on projects than previously estimated, running up costs and causing the product not to be delivered when expected.

Product Downtime

If a product has bugs or vulnerabilities, it can lead to downtime. Downtime means that customers can’t access the product, and internal/external resources must work hard to get the product running again. Plus, customers may not return to your website or app, which reduces the opportunity for future leads.

Customer Frustration

This usually comes in the form of complaints – both online and offline – as well as product abandonment. Potential customers see the negative press and, therefore, won’t choose the product. Even worse: disgruntled customers are more likely than happy customers to leave a public review. A few grumpy (and often outspoken) customers can cause a drop in brand confidence overall.

Reputation Loss

If too many customers experience issues with an app or website, they’ll view the company in an unfavorable light. They’ll be more apt to stop using the product and never use any product released by the company in the future. If they decide to leave a negative review online, their distaste could have a ripple effect on future sales, as well.

Loss of Potential Sales

Overall, inadequate quality assurance can relate to lost sales. A post on iSix Sigma shows that the higher the instances of issues, the higher the effect on sales. Surprisingly, 40% or more of annual revenue losses occur due to poor quality.

Weak QA measures and sub-standard products can have both short- and long-term effects on a company. An example of an immediate impact is the loss of sales and short-term profits. Long-term examples include teams not meeting overall sales goals and a bad reputation due to shoddy products.


Your company’s reputation depends on consistent quality assurance. Don’t risk a loss in profit by cutting this valuable aspect of the software development process.

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