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How Outsourced Software Testing Can Improve ROI

Many companies invest a lot of effort into both the improvement of current products and the development of new ones. Unfortunately, testing often suffers from this scenario. For example, when development teams have limited resources, products may launch without a full round of quality testing. Outsourced software testing provides an easy solution.

Benefits of Outsourced Software Testing

Outsourcing offers many benefits to internal development teams, including:

  • Giving internal teams time for innovation: If internal teams are continually playing catch up, they’re more likely to focus only on the tasks at hand. Understandably, overwhelmed teams cannot easily develop new features or products. Outsourced testing frees up internal teams to create and invent more innovative products.
  • Getting working products out the door: Augmenting internal teams with outsourced software testing helps reduce the pressure of tight deadlines. For example, internal and external teams can work together to meet deadlines and ensure the functionality of products before release.
  • Reducing the chance of mistakes: When under the gun, internal teams can quickly become stressed and overworked. Unfortunately, stress increases the likelihood of errors and reduces the possibility that they caught on time. Outsourced teams have qualified development and testing staffs that take on some of the work to reduce the pressure on internal teams.
  • Improving the quality of products: Many products go to market in “minimally working order.” In other words, while the product may technically work, it may not be fully functional. When this happens, consumers could find bugs and other software issues before discovered by internal development teams. Fortunately, outsourced testing reduces these issues and improves reputation.

Products can’t remain stagnant; regularly updating products to meet customer demands helps keep up with the competition. “Continuous development” cycles means that product updates and changes are always happening. Indeed, successful companies must continually deliver improvements or new features to stay ahead of the game.

iBeta’s QA On-Demand software testing services allow us to quickly ramp up and down QA teams to meet the needs of your internal development and testing cycles. Contact us to learn more about our services.