IoT represented with bluetooth speaker

How IoT is Changing Software Testing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how we do practically everything. Devices that never had the ability to communicate with you or other devices now can. Everything from your refrigerator to house alarm to even your car can gather information on what’s going on and report that back to other systems.

However, though IoT has many exciting applications, it also has one big issue: security. It’s great that your lights can shut off when they know you’re not home, but they can potentially tell hackers you’re not home, as well.

Security Risks Associated with IoT

IoT devices are always “on”. This means they are continually collecting data about their environment, location, product usage, downtime, and so on. This increases the risk of hackers accessing and manipulating personal data.

Testing is often overlooked when there is a rush to get products out to market quickly. Unfortunately, inadequate testing leaves these devices vulnerable to attack by savvy hackers who hunger for sensitive user data. Ensuring these products have adequate encryption and authentication must be at the forefront of testing.

Another issue is device fragmentation. Device fragmentation has always been an issue with operating systems and mobile devices. IoT devices are going to exacerbate these pre-existing headaches.

Finally, downtime is a concern if developers don’t think about what to do when the internet is slow or completely down – which it will inevitably do. Devices should work properly even if they can’t connect to WiFi. They should store data, operate effectively, and send data once connectivity is reestablished.

How to Respond to Security Challenges

Most companies don’t have the capacity to do in-house device testing. Going back to the refrigerator example, companies that build the software necessary for “smart” refrigerators likely won’t have the storage space necessary to test every refrigerator in which their software is installed. Outsourced testing labs are an excellent resource through which to ensure the functionality and security of IoT devices.

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