"cross-browser testing" represented by a group of computers

Why You Must Perform Cross-browser Testing

Everyone has a preferred browser that they use on a daily basis. For example, many business people prefer Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers over the traditional Internet Explorer or its current incarnation, Microsoft Edge. These preferences are personal, but usually involve criteria like how fast it loads browsers or performs online searches. These differences in browsers also affect how websites look and function on them – which can be different if not properly tested. This testing is known as cross-browser testing.

What is Cross-browser Testing?

Cross-browser testing involves seeing how a website performs across different browsers, mobile devices and operating systems. When a quality assurance specialist performs this work, he is looking for whether the website functions or renders differently from browser to browser. This includes how CSS styles render in these browsers, including headers, images and text.

Why Is It Important?

The goal of web developers is to create websites that offer the same experience for users no matter what type of OS, device or browser they’re using. The problem is that most people not only use different browsers; they may even be using different browser and OS versions, including much older versions.

If a website doesn’t function properly or continuously crashes on a particular browser or browser version, then user experience suffers. For example, older versions of Internet Explorer are notorious for browser compatibility issues. Still, developers must account for all versions of this browser as well as the many other browsers out there.

If they don’t, the site will receive little to no traffic from that browser, which will reduce visits. It may also adversely affect SEO and ranking factors.

Compatibility Testing Takes Time

The process of compatibility testing is time-consuming, often involving testing one browser at a time. Most internal QA teams don’t have the resources or the time to perform cross-browser compatibility testing. If you need assistance with this type of testing, iBeta can augment your internal teams to ensure that deadlines are met. Contact us today to learn more