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Using Agile Test Methods for Overall Quality Assurance

As more companies embrace agile development methodologies (which differs greatly from Waterfall development methods), many QA testers wonder how testing fits in with this newer, faster environment. What is the role of testers in terms of agile test methods?

Difference Between Traditional and Agile Test Methods

Traditional, Waterfall development methods clearly define when and how testing takes place. Essentially, testing takes place at the end of the development process by dedicated resources. Note that this methodology requires ample documentation.

Agile development, on the other hand, requires that testing take place on an iterative schedule: Basically, testing is done alongside development in real-time. This methodology doesn’t have as much documentation.

So does that mean that agile requires less testing? Well, no. In fact, QA testing is important in both types of development approaches.

How to Ensure Proper Testing

Proper QA testing in an agile environment has different requirements compared to other methodologies. These requirements include:

  • Ensuring Flexible QA Resources: QA resources must be flexible and able to perform real-time testing during various development phases; QA professionals test throughout different sprints.
  • Obtaining the Right People: QA testers who are entrenched in the traditional testing methodologies may not be best for agile testing. For example, they may have difficulty adjusting to the fast pace. Companies must either hire new people with the right skills, or partner with a vendor who can assist with testing.
  • Performing Daily Testing.
  • Determining Project Completion: While not as rigid as other methodologies, agile must still adhere to project and business goals. Teams must define a successful end state to ensure that the project meets customer demands and that the right resources are in place to meet the goals.

While agile teams may face pressure to produce a working product quickly, QA testing is still an important part of the equation. However, agile testing requires different skillsets than what’s likely available. Successful agile test methods often employ the expertise of a qualified third-party test team.

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