Boston June 18-20

This year we attended Mobile Connect which is the first event to address the strategic direction that will define enterprise IT for the next decade – building and managing the information systems that run on a mobile platform. There were many interesting tracks on topics such as mobile app development, locations-based services, collaboration, mobile commerce, analytics, BYOD, mobilizing business processes and managing a mobile workforce. We met with many companies, most of them start-ups and spent time with them to understand that challenges they were facing in developing quality software. The event was very informative about future trends in the further development and expansion of the mobile software platform.

ISTE is the largest gathering of stake-holders in the technology used for education. The attendees are technology developers, educators, technology advocates in education. There were 18,000 attendees. It was great to learn about the developments and future trends in the software, hardware and devices being used for education. There continues to be a move to the cloud for software and the education sector is no different. From managing the school records, the school network and the curriculum, the software is moving to the cloud and being accessed by mobile devices. Educators or discovering the challenges and opportunities for the BYOD (Bring Your own Device) trend that is very prevalent. We enjoyed seeing the exciting new developments and meeting with many companies and educators working to continue to expand the use of technology in education.