June 5 – 7, 2012, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA



The Show

The Electronic Entertainment Exposition 2012 in Los Angeles was a tremendous success, and one heck of a show. iBeta was in full presence with Aaron and Tavis on the floor mixing and mingling; and catching-up with clients. The show was a very entertaining and showcased some exciting new technologies from our friends at Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony!  Highlights of the show included getting a hands-on look at the Wii U and seeing gameplay of industry titans like Halo 4.



“It always feels like you’re in a rap video when visiting LA.” My partners and I joked as we drove away from the airport.  We had arrived in California to attend the Electronic Entertainment Exposition of 2012 or E3.  When we got there, it was packed with gamers, sounds, lights, and all the biggest industry names!

I made my way through the vast crowds and looked around.  My jaw hit the floor. There in front of me was a sexy booth model dressed as a Vanu Sovereignty soldier pointing her Beamer at me as I passed the Planetside 2 exhibit.    I gasped for air when I turned the corner and saw a life size queen alien and fans lining up to sit in Rippley’s exo suit cargo-loader.  There was everything from a real-life warthog at the Halo 4 booth to Darth Vader walking around force choking fans. Booth babes and videos games… the gamer nerd in me couldn’t have been more appeased.

After lurking around the front of the show, I made my way to the back.  I found myself walking out of the lights and buzz and into dark corridors and areas void of activity.  There were also halls that led to open corners with little more than an exit sign to illuminate the area.  I thought to myself, “What was this place?  Why is nothing here?”  I knew my answer as soon as I asked.  “The little guys aren’t here”, I thought.

I went back to the front and pushed my way through the crowd to meet with a client.  After we greeted each other, he led me to an area I had not yet been.  A young woman in a black dress began playing a violin on a small stage.  She was accompanied by a keyboard player.   We sat at one of the tables in front of the stage.  Before we began talking about business he said to me, “There’s nothing new this year.”  I noticed a hint of sadness in his eyes.  “There’s no ‘little guys’,” I said.  “The ‘little guys’ always bring the innovation.” He said.



Gamers from all over the world gathered to share in the excitement of another year in gaming and to join the non-stop waiting lines to play the latest AAA titles. The weather was beautiful and LA was gracious enough to give us that warm California sun for the whole event.  The exhibits were detailed with fantastic artwork from the games that are going to be even better! It’s going to be a great year for gamers regardless of your favorite platform.

Next year we’d love to see you there!

By Tavis Fong and Aaron Ellison