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QA for Fast-Paced Agile Projects

With more and more companies embracing agile development methodologies – which differs greatly from Waterfall development methods, many QA testers are wondering how testing fits in with this new and faster environment. What role do testers have when companies use...

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Wearable Tech: Handling QA Challenges

Wearable devices are the latest technology to catch fire amongst tech lovers. From Apple Watch to Google Glass, wearable tech is becoming more and more mainstream. Yet, these devices are also raising concerns amongst developers and QA testers – fears ranging from...

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Outsourced QA Best Practices

Outsourcing quality assurance needs can be beneficial both from the standpoint of saving money and ensuring that projects are completed on-time if internal resources are limited or strained. Yet, sometimes outsourced QA can create perceived or real conflicts with...

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