Performance Testing Misconceptions


The goal of agile environments is to make products as quickly as possible. Even the terminology of agile involves the word “fast”: sprints, daily short scrum meetings and velocity. But this need for speed may not ensure more than a minimally viable product. Performance testing needs to be part of the mix. Here we dispel two common misunderstandings related to it.

Performance Testing Doesn’t Belong in Agile

Performance testing isn’t very iterative like similar tests. Most developers see it as a single, overwhelming test that can clog up the works. Yet, performance tests can be broken up into individual testing scenarios with single, targeted tests. Systems won’t get bogged down if the tests are continually run throughout the process.

It Should Just Happen at the End

Many development teams believe that you have to wait until all the code is written to perform performance testing. Why? Well, code can be very complex, and it gets more complex as the product is built.

Yet, it is for this reason exactly as to why this type of testing is necessary throughout the process. If performance problems are caught early enough, code won’t have to be completely redone. Nothing would be worse than having to backtrack at the end.

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