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Source: Microsoft Corporation

Windows 10 will officially launch July 29th. It already has over 2 million public testers – and the number of new users willing to try this new version may be extremely high. Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to users who have Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

This new release comes with a number of new features. Some may cause headaches for QA testers while others are welcome relief.

Universal Windows Apps

One of those “welcome relief” features is Universal Windows Apps. All Windows 10 devices will have a common Windows platform and one API layer. Developers will only have to code once and can easily push apps and changes across multiple devices. Plus, consumers will be able to buy an app and use it across all of their devices.

Project Spartan Web Browser

Project Spartan is the new Windows 10 browser that will be replacing the retiring Internet Explorer. While it’s good that IE is going away, the new browser also brings new problems. It has a new rendering engine. This means that websites need to be tested to determine if they’ll render correctly on the new browser. While there will only be one version of the browser to test against for all Windows 10 devices (as opposed to the many different versions of IE), QA testers will have to be vigilant with testing.

Continuum Mode

Continuum Mode allows Windows 10 users to easily alter between a desktop and a notebook. Users can remove the keyboard and then use the touchscreen of the notebook. Developers and testers need to verify that an application’s user interface works the same whether a user is operating the device with a mouse or touchscreen and within the different modes.

Interactive Voice Commands

The Cortana API is Microsoft’s virtual assistant that responds via voice commands. With the launch of Windows 10, it’s now integrated with desktop applications. QA testers need to verify that their desktop applications are designed and APIs are tested to respond to voice commands.

Windows 10 testing will become a major push for QA teams over the next few months. Contact iBeta if you need outsourced assistance with Windows 10 QA testing.