Lately, social networks have been ablaze with wearable technology sending smoke signals for other media entries to follow suit. Many media sources from trade publications to newspapers and even monthly magazines appear to be having a fire sale featuring the latest and greatest in wearable technology. Wired magazine is showcasing such technology on the cover of their January 2014 issue with Wired editor Bill Wasik predicting that “wearable tech will be as big as smartphones.”[1]

Wearables are certainly generating a lot of steam and not just in the media. In March 2014, San Francisco recently played host to it’s first-ever Wearables DevCon (Developers convention) and a Wearables Summit is set to be hosted in the same city in September 2014. Let’s face it – Wearables are here to stay.

From fashion to fad and functionality, there are several hot products showing up in the market lately. Jawbone, fabricators of wireless headsets and wristbands, has introduced a new wristband called “UP” which connects to a smartphone app and tracks one’s sleep patterns throughout the night. Google Glass has recently inked a deal with Luxottica – makers of Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglasses – adding a level of fashion to Google Glass’ highly-functional features. The possibilities are endless with what future wearable technology will be able to do including the full gamut of smart watches, fitness trackers and rings. Yes, smart rings which can set up to perform minimal tasks such as unlocking doors or turning on electronic devices. Wearable tech is like a wildfire burning out of control.

1. Wasik, Bill. “Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smartphone.” Wired Jan. 2014 Print.

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