Lack of Testing Means Major Bugs & Disappointed CustomersHave you noticed the rise in security breaches? You’re not alone. In fact, it seems like there is a daily news story about a hack or breach. A recent study by Ixia showed that despite 93% of developers saying that they test throughout the development process, breaches are still happening.

So What’s Happening?

Part of the problem is that many developers don’t feel that security and load testing are the most important priority. Others feel like getting the product out of the door takes precedence.

If security testing isn’t a top priority, then vulnerabilities and bugs are going to exist in products. In fact, the same survey showed that 65 percent of surveyed developers shipped products that had bugs or significant vulnerabilities. Another 31 percent indicated that these same products had so many vulnerabilities that they “required patching later in the development cycle”.

What’s to Be Done?

The survey concluded that many developers aren’t using the most effective testing solutions. It further indicated that developers are unlikely to capture all of the issues since they must “test across a wide range of conditions to track every single anomaly in a product’s code to capture issues and address them effectively”.

Part of the problem is that developers shouldn’t be testers. Instead, they should work with testers on their team or bring in outside testing firms to assist with the process. While most developers view testers as slowing down the process, testers can actually work within sprints if they are brought in early enough.

If comprehensive testing is accomplished throughout the process, the number of bugs and vulnerabilities – especially major vulnerabilities – will be reduced or even eliminated before a product is released.

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