Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones exploding and catching fire is the biggest quality assurance story of 2016. Now, even the replacement phones are suspect. If you needed a reminder of how damaging quality problems can be to your business, it doesn’t get better than the dire straights Samsung is in.
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 problem is more than financial, although recalling 2.5 million phones with a retail value of over $700 each is a terrible cost. Samsung has also damaged its reputation as the Android ecosystem counterpoint to Apple’s quality products. And that reputation damage is continuous and ongoing.
Imagine, for example, your company’s name instead of Samsung’s being repeated in audio and video announcements at the airport as the maker of products that are prohibited because they endanger human lives. Imagine being the object of countless articles, news reports, social media posts, and late night TV jokes. Now imagine that, just as the story was starting to die down, a new wave of stories emerge that you didn’t fix the problem with the batteries after all. And then imagine how much this is going to cost you now, and in the future, with lost business and huge investments in marketing and product programs to rebuilt trust in your products and your company.
Imagine how much better it would be if your QA had caught the problem before the product hit the market. And while Samsung’s woes are hardware-related, quality problems with your software can be just as damaging.
The product armageddon that doesn’t happen. That is the value of quality assurance. That is the value of iBeta Quality Assurance.