Most companies know there are reasons to testing software, but not all of them are ready to put the money or the effort into getting their software tested by professionals. But there are real benefits to getting your software tested before launch. Here are the top five reasons that having professionals test your software before you release it really makes a difference.

Know Your Maximum Load

Software problems don’t just show up because of bugs in the code. They can also experience problems with the processing power needed or the amount of users active at one time exceeds the software’s capabilities.

If you don’t know what your software can handle in terms of maximum load—if you don’t know your software’s limits—you can be sure that your users will find that limit for you. Software testing before launch will allow you to find those limits so that plans can be put in place to expand capabilities or limit processes in advance of hitting that threshold.

Reduce Downtime

What’s more annoying, to you or your users, than unexpected downtime? Unplanned downtime becomes a threefold cost: not only can you not make money off your software while its down, your users are becoming frustrated or even angry and you may lose them to a competing software if downtime is frequent enough. Plus, you have to pay for your developers to find and fix the problems while the software is down.

By testing in advance of the launch date, you can find the bugs beforehand and limit the amount of downtime needed to fix problems that could have been fixed before launch.

Increase Security

Similar to the load limit of your software, if you don’t find its access vulnerabilities first, someone else will. When you don’t know and take an active role in fixing security issues in your software first, you leave your software open to exploitation by viruses, hackers and ransomware that can severely put you and your users at risk.

When you use an experienced software testing team to bug hunt for exploitable loopholes in your code, you help to close those loopholes before they can cause real damage. In this day and age, a security breach isn’t just a problem—it can permanently ruin your company’s reputation and tank your software for good.

Make Sure All Parts Function as a Whole

If you really want to make sure that your software is bug-free, it’s not enough to just crawl through your software code looking for typos. Even when all parts of the code are written together, bugs can still occur when two separate parts of the program, correct and bug-free on their own, interact in a way that isn’t intended and that causes problems.

Basic checks by your software developers won’t cover that sort of problem. Software testing by an experienced 3rd party company can help you find those mismatched parts, even if the errors are caused outside of the intended pattern of use of the software.

Which is why the most important reason to test software before launch with a quality software testing company is…

Exploratory Testing

Good testing doesn’t just test that the software works the way it should. It also tests that you software will still work in ways that it shouldn’t, but users expect it to anyway. It’s not enough to ensure through confirmatory testing that your software functions in the way intended, you also should have a software testing company that knows its stuff well enough to test that your software will remain not broken even when users are using it unexpectedly.

Exploratory testing goes beyond just confirming that your software works. An experienced, qualified software testing team will have suggestions on what to check and will know how to consult you on potential issues you may not have even considered. To find out more about the value of exploratory testing and how it could benefit your software, feel free to contact us.