September 20 – 23, 2012, Tokyo, Japan

With the midterm vision since 2010 of becoming “The Most Complete Information in Asia” and “The
World’s Largest Event,” TOKYO GAME SHOW has enhanced its capability to disseminate valuable
information to Asia and the rest of the world as a major show that acts as a dynamo for the rapidly
growing computer entertainment market in Asia. Furthermore, as a means to build new markets and
development centers to expand business in Asia, we have implemented a wide range of
business-to-business and business-to-consumer measures such as holding the Asia Game Business

As a result of these measures, in 2011, the show attracted 222,668 visitors, which is the largest
number in the show’s history, thanks to an increase in the number of visitors and press from Southeast
Asia. From 2010, the number of visitors exceeded 200,000 for two years in a row.
Marking its 22nd anniversary this year, TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012 expands its business meeting
area and introduces a new business matching system “Asia Business Gateway” to further enhance the
mutual relationship among the ever-growing game markets in Asia.

At the same time, as a business-to-consumer measure, we will launch the “Official Video Streaming
Channel” to convey the excitement of TOKYO GAME SHOW to international game fans. Organizer’s
projects such as the TGS Forum as well as stage programs at exhibitors’ booths will be distributed in real
time. In addition, we will hold “Asia e-Sports Cup”, where Asian top players gather to compete in
real-time strategy games and sports games, and expand the “Cosplay Area”, a representative example
of Japanese pop culture that is now receiving a great deal of international attention, to offer an
environment that is more enjoyable to both game fans and cosplayers.

As new game consoles, smartphones and tablet devices are expected to be launched in 2012, the
possibilities of computer entertainment will expand on a wide range of platforms. As a place to
disseminate valuable information that stretches these possibilities, TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012 will
deliver the latest surprise from Japan to Asia and from Asia to the world.