Software Testing MythsSoftware testers often have to deal with myths related to their jobs –having to combat these to both their superiors and stakeholders, and sometimes even themselves. While there are many fallacies related to the process, here are the three most common misconceptions.

You Can Eliminate Manual Testing with Automation

While automated testing can be used for certain repetitive tests, it will never take the place of manual testing. Manual testing is the basis of software testing. Automated tests often cannot replicate real world experiences of users. It’s fine to keep it in the mix, but manual testing is still mandatory.

Software Testing Takes Up Too Much Time and Money

Many testers often hear this from different levels within their organization. Yet, these two sentiments are actually quite wrong. If software testing is integrated into the development phases from day one, it doesn’t slow down the process.

Further, catching mistakes earlier in the process in fact saves money in the long run. When software testing is held off until the end, this can lead to costly code rewrites and major vulnerabilities that need to be taken care of before release. Yet, if these would have been caught prior to the end of the process, it wouldn’t take so much time and money to fix them. Plus, a product that’s released with a known issue leads to reduced sales.

Testing is So Easy that Developers Can Simply Handle It

With the push for agile, a new myth has been created: Anyone can be a tester, including the developers. Software testers, however, constantly have to stay up-to-date on the latest testing tools and methodologies.

Dedicated testers still need to play a key role within the development process. Their expertise is unique so their value judgements and guidance cannot be dismissed.

Software testing is not something to take lightly or simply push onto developers. Dedicated testing experts can be the difference between a fully working product and a failure that ruins your reputation.

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