Software Testing: When To Use Which TestThere are many different types of software tests. We know that each test is important to ensure a quality software product. Yet, when do you use which test? We break down the purpose of each test and when to use them.

Load/Performance Testing

The purpose of load/performance testing is to ensure that the product is performing efficiently, and whether it’s scalable. Does it use too many resources, resulting in slower performance? How well does it perform under certain time constraints?

Security Testing

Breaches are a real fear of most organizations. Security testing determines where vulnerabilities may exist and the overall integrity of systems. Security testing typically involves vulnerability scans, network level penetration testing and network monitoring. Security testing should take place during development and continually post-release.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is an integral part of website testing. This type of testing ensures that websites function the same way no matter on which browser a user is viewing the site. It typically involves testing on each browser and versions of browsers, and monitoring the site’s performance, usability and functionality.

Functionality Testing

Compatibility and functionality testing work hand-in-hand. Functionality testing ensures that the product is functionally suitable to be released. It’s looking at whether the product works correctly, fully and suitably when used. Both compatibility and functionality testing must occur before release.

These tests all work together to create a viable, operational and secure product. This is why testing is an integral part of the development process.

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