iBeta Selenium Framework

iBeta Selenium Framework - web testing automation framework based on open-source Selenium and other components

iBeta Selenium Framework Summary:

iBeta has developed a significant number of testing and test support tools over the years. Among these tools is the iBeta Selenium Framework, based on Selenium WebDriver and other open source components, to substantially automate web testing. iBeta’s Selenium Framework is especially well-suited to reduce or eliminate certain repetitive manual testing tasks, including:

  • Regression of well-tested functionality,
  • Repetitive data driven testing,
  • And initial smoke testing.

iBeta Selenium Framework Features:

Intelligible Reporting

Because the iBeta Selenium Framework is written to support both our own internal use, and that of our clients who wish to leverage our technology, the quality of the test reporting is particularly important. Test runs generate date/time stamped html reports that provide both high level summaries and optional drilldown to any test step, including screenshots of errors found.

Easier Maintainability

As every organization that’s worked with test automation knows, automated test scripts are notoriously time consuming to maintain across environments and builds. We approach the problem by keeping the use case in an executable plain English format, loosely coupling with pages of individual object definitions, and by moving object locators to an external source. For example:

  • Have a situation in which the development team renamed every object in the next build? No problem! Just update the external Excel (or other data source) file of locators.
  • Have all the checkboxes just changed to text boxes? No problem! Just update the individual items in the page definitions, and be done without having to rewrite the entire script flow.
Data Driven

The iBeta Selenium Framework can pull from Excel (or another source) and execute in a data-driven mode, replacing the need to manually test large data sets.  And if the data sets change in size or content, simply swap in the new test file; no code changes needed.

Remote Execution

The iBeta Selenium Framework supports remote execution; set up a series of remote machines with the appropriate agents and execute the test suite across many boxes for faster execution.

Build Integration

Authoring and testing can be done within various Java supporting IDEs, but the Framework is also designed to execute at the command line, easing integration with whatever build tool is preferred.


We execute within the JVM, so a test suite can be executed on virtually any OS platform.