While the mobile biometrics industry will grow to $10 billion in 2018 according to a report released March 7, 2017 by the Biometrics Research Group, Inc. (BRG), iBeta Quality Assurance remains the only National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) NVLAP accredited biometrics laboratory. Biometrics has become one of the keystone technologies enabling the enormous growth in mobile commerce. The BRG release states:

“Mobile biometric applications operate on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, with “apps” utilizing embedded software and sensors to make secure use of those devices and apps more convenient. They do so by enabling the owner of a device to use their biometrics to authenticate their identity as an enhancement or alternative to passwords. The report defines the mobile biometrics market and the forces contributing to its exponential, global growth.

[BRG] projects that revenue associated with mobile biometrics will total US$10 billion based on 3.2 billion users. This projection has increased from our last research report on mobile biometrics released in 2016, in which we projected that biometrics in mobile devices will generate approximately US$9 billion worth of revenue by 2018 for the biometrics industry.”

Biometrics Research Group projects $10 billion in mobile biometrics revenue in 2018

As the leading biometrics testing and certification laboratory in the United States, iBeta provides a full range of biometrics services including CBEFF, BioAPI, data interchange, interoperability, performance and acceptance, scenario testing, EPCS, and Spoofing and Liveness Testing. But iBeta is also one of the top full-service software testing and quality assurance laboratories. This means that iBeta is not only able to test biometrics technology in isolation but also the fullness of the functionality and security context in which the biometrics technology lives. We refer to this unique, end-to-end service as iBeta/360.

Biometrics plus full-service manual and automated software testing makes iBeta a uniquely powerful solution for every organization that needs their technology to be the very best.

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