iBeta Quality Assurance has a large mobile testing department with a constantly growing inventory.  The Android portion of the department contains an assortment of devices ranging from Google’s first phone, the G1, to the latest device for Sprint, the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. Similarly, the iOS department contains the iPod Touch, iPhone (including the iPhone 4S) and a plethora of iPads (both first and second generation.) Having a plethora of devices allows the developer to have the peace of mind to support many devices confidently.

As a Quality Assurance firm with a mobile device department, we find many bugs that are related to certain devices.  A bug may be related to the screen resolution, or the use of a physical keyboard, or even the type of OS that a device manufacturer has placed over the original Android OS.  The subtle differences between Android devices must yield a careful consideration as to which devices will be used for a project.  iBeta has encountered many issues regarding screen resolution.

May it be that the application doesn’t display correctly on a 240 x 320 screen, or a tablet UI is displayed on a phone. For this iBeta would provide the developer with screenshots and log files for these types of issues.  When testing a device that has a physical keyboard, it can cause all sorts of issues with an application.  We make sure to test this form of input on all applications we test.  Almost all Android devices come with a manufacturer skin over the original Android OS, therefore it is wise to choose between a wide variety of manufacturers when selecting devices to have tested.  An application can have issues with a certain manufacturer skin, can cause conflicts with an application.

Our highly skilled test team provides usability tests based on a set goal that the client wants to achieve, while being mindful of oddities that may cause bugs on certain devices.  Any bugs that are encountered are carefully captured in the form of an official bug document as well as screenshots and crash logs when needed.  Furthermore, our large selection of mobile devices allows broad range coverage of devices that are confirmed to be supported for that application.