To say that new technologies are coming out every day would be a drastic understatement. Yet, it’s a situation that every IT department in every company has to face. As these new technologies are released and accepted by corporations – think mobile apps, cloud computing, big data and social – IT departments have to spend more money testing and vetting these systems.

A recent study by Capgemini in conjunction with HP starkly laid out the current IT testing climate: The study surveyed over 1,500 CIOs showed that most quality assurance and testing budgets are being allocated strictly for testing these new technologies.

IT QA Budgets Taking More of the Pie

Mainly because of the testing of these new technologies, QA is also requiring more and more of the IT budget. In just a year, the percentage of the budget devoted to testing and quality assurance has gone up from 23 percent to 26 percent. And that number is expected to increase to nearly a third of the IT budget by 2017.

The reasons for the increases include everything from testing the new technologies to ensuring quality and compliance to hiring new staff that have the right skill sets.

Mobile apps are an especial concern for many IT departments. Typically, they don’t have enough staff – or even the experience – to properly test these apps in the required timeframe. Mobile apps usually require very fast turnaround times to meet product release requirements.

What’s Being Left Behind?

Since most of the focus for IT departments is on the new technologies, legacy systems and applications are not being modernized, tested or maintained. This could cause quality issues for corporations as these systems age, including failures and increased vulnerabilities if patches or production configurations aren’t applied.

Only testing can assure that the system isn’t on the verge of failing and to find potential security problems that cause breaches.

How iBeta Can Help

For many organizations, the rising percentage of IT testing and QA budgets simply cannot be absorbed. Further, as mentioned in the article, organizations also need to obtain the right talent, which often means expending effort and budget into finding, hiring and training new talent.

iBeta can assist your organization with all types of business application testing, including testing new and legacy systems. We provide ongoing training for our software quality engineers, ensuring that your company has the right resources when you need them.

Supporting an in-house team to cover every aspect of QA can be expensive. iBeta’s QA On Demand model is a cost-effective solution to the problem of rising QA budgets. Contact us today to learn more.