Software Testing LifecycleNowadays, people use web applications to access and store all types of sensitive data. A single breach of data can tank a company’s reputation – and potentially the company itself. To ensure that web applications are secure from hackers, breaches or other types of flaws, security testing must be performed. Testers must ask themselves certain questions as they go through web app security testing procedures.

Who Has Authorization to Access the Data?

One of the main concerns of web application security testing is who has access to the data. This includes authorization and roles and rights. Depending on a particular person’s role and rights, he or she should only have access to certain sections of the site, i.e. menus or screens.

Is the Data Kept Confidential?

A user should only be able to access their own data, not somebody else’s. For example, if a user logs into a financial institution site, he should only be able to see his own banking information. To keep data confidential, sensitive data should be encrypted, and the data must be protected within the database.

Can the System Hold Up Against Attacks and Hacks?

Two of the most common types of security attacks include malicious script and Brute Force Attack. Malicious script includes both cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. Hackers use this to gain access to websites. To prevent these types of attacks, tester should implement maximum lengths for input fields.

Brute Force Attacks involve overloading a system with login attempts to try and guess the password. Many companies will suspend an account after too many attempts to prevent hackers from gaining access.

Are There Any Broken Authentication or Session Management Flaws?

If there are flaws in logging out, website timeouts, password management, account updates and the like, hackers can take advantage of this to access passwords or session ID’s. This can also potentially give them access to other flaws in the system. Testers must find and eliminate these flaws, which can often be difficult since implementations are not standard.

Web applications are the backbone of nearly all types of online business. You must take steps to ensure that your website is secure against both internal and external threats. iBeta has advanced experience with security testing. Learn more about our capabilities today.