Importance of QA Testing for BanksBanking websites and applications have become extremely complex. More and more people turn online or to mobile devices to check their balances, transfer funds, pay their bills and many other actions. To avoid customer complaints, financial institutions must ensure that this entire process is easy, quick and smooth. Only adequate QA testing can help companies live up to customer demands.

How Many Banking Apps Work

Banking applications can function differently, but many operate by the following:

  • Users access their banking information via mobile or desktop website.
  • This website connects to a web server, which also connects to a middle tier that validates input and output commands.
  • All of this data is transferred to a database.
  • Finally, there is a transaction processor to ensure that requests are carried out.

Why Testing is Necessary

Failure or vulnerabilities anywhere along this process could lead to disaster. For example, if a vulnerability exists, hackers could access sensitive user data. End-to-end testing is extremely important for financial institutions. This is needed to ensure:

  • Quality user experience
  • Security
  • Functionality
  • Adequate load time
  • Data integrity

Testing should occur when the application is being built and periodically tested for vulnerabilities.

Most financial institutions do not have the internal staff or devices and platforms to take care of all types of time-sensitive testing. Employing a quality outsource partner with tried and tested processes is a good option for your institution. Learn how iBeta can assist you with all of your QA testing needs.