September 1, 2005
iBeta Quality Assurance, leading provider of software quality assurance and software testing services, announced today that it has acquired 20/20 Labs – an independent QA lab based in Culver City, CA.

“The synergy and similarities between the two companies is ideal for this type of acquisition” said Earl Wing, iBeta CFO. “We have followed similar paths in the development of our companies and have many loyal and satisfied customers to show for it.”

Both companies were founded in 1999 during the height of the dot-com boom and offer services to business clients as well as clients in the entertainment business. iBeta and 20/20 Labs have very similar customer bases and even share some clients. In addition, both iBeta and 20/20 Labs have established independent relationships with the leading tool providers in the QA industry. “We want to use the tool that fits best with the application being tested, and maintaining these relationships allows us to offer choices and cost savings to our clients” said Mike Stark, iBeta Director of Sales and Marketing.

Another similarity is that iBeta and 20/20 Labs have each established a name for themselves in testing applications for the electronic entertainment business. This includes separately forming relationships with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to test applications on the game platforms that they offer.

The combined companies will operate under the iBeta name and will strive to continue to provide the highest quality services possible to their clients and all work will be qualified by iBeta’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.