Members of iBeta’s biometrics team, including Gail Audette, Dr. Kevin Wilson, and Curt Dusing, attended the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida, Sept. 19 – 22, 2016.

High points of the conference included: A plethora of new, touchless biometrics devices; a fascinating speech about the challenges of creating secure, biometrics-based identity for Syrian refugees; and the peaceful transition of power this election season, and its implications to security and secure identity. Plans to move the conference from Tampa to Washington, D. C. next year, and what it means for this important annual event was also a big topic of discussion.

The Global Identity Summit brings people and organizations from the public, private, and academic sectors together to promote secure identity technology and research, and a comprehensive understanding of current capabilities, current and future threats, market trends, and a road map for future development. iBeta is a nationally-recognized leader in the biometrics field, and software security.

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