Why You Should Outsource Some Development NeedsProducts can’t remain stagnant. They need to be updated to respond to customer needs and to keep up with the competition. “Continuous development” cycles means that product updates and changes are always happening. Companies continually want to deliver some improvement or new feature all the time.

The problem for many companies is that while they’re always improving current products, they’re also developing new ones. Testing offer suffers in this scenario. Products are sent out of the door without a full round of quality testing since development teams are strapped for time and resources.

This is one of the main reasons why outsourcing makes sense for most businesses, especially for improving the bottom line.

Major Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing has a number of benefits to internal teams. These include:

  • Providing internal teams the time for innovation: If internal teams are constantly playing catch up, they’re more than likely simply focusing on the tasks at hand. They’re not thinking of new features or even new products. When some of the work is outsourced, internal teams are freed up to invent.
  • Getting working products out the door: When internal teams are augmented by outsourced teams, companies no longer need to worry about missing deadlines. Internal and external teams can work together to ensure that deadlines are met and that the products that are released are fully functional.
  • Reducing mistakes: Under the gun internal teams can quickly get stressed out and overworked. This increases the chances that mistakes will happen that won’t be caught. Outsourced teams have qualified development and testing staff that can take on some of the work to reduce the pressure on internal teams.
  • Improving the quality of products: Many products go to market these days in “minimally working order”. While the product is technically working, it’s not fully functional. This means that consumers may find bugs and issues before they are found by internal teams. Outsourcing helps reduce these issues and improves your reputation among your consumers.

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