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Tips to Improve Your Software Load Testing Strategy

Making sure that your software infrastructure can handle high user demand is crucial for pre-launch software testing. After all, you need to make sure that your users are having a positive experience with your software. If software performance suffers or your website...

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Why Software Testing is Crucial for Tech Companies

Whether you are a tech company producing websites, apps or other software for internal use, or you are developing software for customer use, software testing is crucial. Some companies can be put off of software testing because it seems like an additional cost on top...

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The Basics of Regression Testing

Companies go through rigorous software testing to ensure their software is ready and error-free for its users before the software is released. But pre-launch is not the only time a company should be thinking about software testing. Regression testing is an important...

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Choosing a Compatibility Testing Strategy

In a perfect world, we’d have all the time needed to test every page on a website we develop on every possible browser and device. But we don’t. Instead, it’s important to approach testing your website with a strong compatibility testing strategy in mind. A clear...

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Common Software Bugs Software Testing Can Find

No software is perfect. Between the project blindness that developers can get after working on the same project for a long time and the fact that users are particularly good at using software in ways it wasn’t intended, even a program that appears to work flawlessly...

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When Automated Regression Testing Works Best

Nobody likes doing the same task over and over. Unfortunately, every time your software updates its code, it’s necessary to perform regression testing. Since most software is written to contain multiple interlocking parts, changing one section of code means that other...

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