Mobile apps are useful tools. They can provide extra features on mobile devices, offer shortcuts for performing tasks, and the like. The proliferation of apps benefits us on the whole. Yet, there are some pitfalls when it comes to their usability and security.

Businesses can come up with the concept for the perfect app only to have it fail when it comes to testing. Developers are often strapped for resources and time so they sometimes don’t fully test the app for all errors and vulnerabilities. What is worse is that most companies don’t know that there is a problem with the app until users try to get their money back or when users vent their frustrations online.

The Problem for the Business Users

While the makers of the app can lose money because of bad designs and lack of testing –  a poorly-tested app actually equates to more risk for the actual users. A recent study by Gartner warned of the unregulated use of mobile apps by organizations. While the mobile apps assist with critical business functions, they’re not always completely secure.

The study indicates that “most security tools in the market are built to support web access from on-premises”. In other words, they are built to solve “yesterday’s problem.” Gartner goes on to further say that many companies will be vulnerable to security breaches if they don’t adopt new ways to perform security testing on mobile applications.

Yet, most companies don’t have the resources or even the experience to perform these types of tests. Mobile devices are often being attacked more than desktops (3 to 1 basis). And This makes organizations even more vulnerable to potential security breaches as we live in an age with BYOD in the workplace.

Why You Might Need to Outsource Testing

Gartner recommends that both the client and server layers be tested to reduce the risk of lost data and breaches. Yet, most companies do not have the staff or the time to perform such tests. Outsourcing quality assurance testing is the best and most cost-efficient avenue for most businesses.

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