Apple Project Catalyst ipad macbook image

Apple’s Project Catalyst and You!

In recent years there has been a move to web apps as companies look to trim development costs. Web apps have gotten faster and more fully featured, and this has led to a “write once” and ship everywhere approach for desktop applications. And systems like Chromebooks have certainly played a part of this strategy when ChromeOS brought mobile apps to a desktop form factor.

Mac Catalyst is aimed at making it easier to write and deploy iOS apps for macOS.

According to rumors, Apple wants developers to be able to submit a single binary to the App Store that will house the necessary logic and interface code to deploy onto iPad, iPhone and Mac by 2021.

Mac Catalyst was officially announced at WWDC 2019, where Apple mentioned using its UIKit on the Mac framework to allow developers to bring iPad apps onto the Mac in a relatively easy and rapid fashion.

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