About iBeta

Headquartered in Metro Denver (Aurora) Colorado, iBeta offers a full range of on-demand QA software testing services. Our services encompass many different software quality activities, such as quality assurance, functionality testing, mobile testing, performance testing, browser and hardware compatibility testing, acceptance testing, security testing, and code reviews. Our testing labs can handle a wide variety of software architectures, such as simple web-based applications, stand-alone software packages, and complex client-server architectures.

qa software testingiBeta conducts quality assurance and testing services that conform with the requirements of the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005(E), the needs of clients, and the accrediting organizations for the inspection and product certification work. The methods are identified in iBeta’s Quality Management System (QMS), which contains our Quality Policy procedures and processes.

iBeta has developed its services for companies wishing to outsource all or a portion of their software quality activities so they may gain testing efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens associated with in-house QA teams.

iBeta can successfully augment existing QA teams with additional knowledge and experience in the QA software testing process. As a result of our project participation, we can provide external viewpoints and we can suggest effective ways of meeting a project’s goals and deadlines. iBeta has proven itself by solving the most challenging software quality problems in a very cost effective manner.